Asset Protection

The Luxembourg Law of the 21 December 2012 has reserved to the regulated professions (such as lawyers, public notaries, certified public accountants and public auditors) the right to provide services as a family office.

The objective of all the family offices is to offer various opportunities to families eager to invest, protect your assets Luxembourg or optimize their wealth, transmitted from generation to generation. The goal of clients is to grow their assets on a medium or long term and to elaborate investments strategies according to their needs. Our objective is to offer the opportunity to our clients to elaborate an estate planning strategy and to manage legal risks ensuing from their assets.

We advise our client and guide him to set-up tailor-made structures. Our law firm is in contact with numerous banks as well as various insurance companies providing multiple specific financial vehicles in Luxembourg asset protection. However, as a law firm, we limit ourselves to a role of legal adviser to allow the client to benefit from the maximum protection that Luxembourg and its extremely well framed and strict legislation can offer.

Against this background, we limit ourselves exclusively to providing you with four valuable legal services:

  • to incorporate Family Wealth Management companies (a type of Luxembourg holdings) when suitable to your tax environment;
  • to optimise the protection and the taxation of IP rights through the incorporation of IP Box holdings;
  • to assist you in your relocation as a physical person or in the relocation of your companies;
  • to assist you to review from a legal standpoint structured insurance life policies (review of provisions, legal advice on provisions and donation techniques, incorporation of holdings whose shares could be lodged in life insurance policies, etc.).

Asset Protection


Family Wealth Management Company

The Luxembourg SPF (Société de patrimoine familial) refers to a special tax regime applicable to companies whose sole purpose is management of private wealth of individuals. An SPF is the most widely used personal wealth management tool in Luxembourg. The corporate purpose of an SPF is limited to acquisition, holding, management and disposal of financial instruments, cash and other types of assets.

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IP Rights Protection

Luxembourg taxpayers owning Intellectual Property Rights (IP rights) may benefit from a special tax regime introduced in 2008 (by the Law of 21 December 2007). A company may benefit from a tax exemption of 80% on the net income derived from royalties for the use and/or exploitation of IP rights. Our lawyers combine specific legal expertise with a thorough understanding of the market their clients operate in.

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Relocation to Luxembourg

Dividends received from qualifying shareholdings (10% of the share capital at least or an acquisition price of at least €1.2 million) are exempted from tax. Similarly, capital gains arising on the disposal of shares are exempted provided that the shares represent at least 10% of the share capital or if the acquisition price is at least €6 million.

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Life Insurance Contract

Luxembourg provides the most beneficial protection for interests of individual investors using Luxembourg life insurance contract as an investment tool. Within the framework of a long term investment approach, Luxembourg life insurance combines various financial vehicles, a specific legal and preferential tax framework.

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