Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization :

What is a Search Engine Optimization ?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the process of improving traffic to a given website by increasing the site’s visibility in search engine results.
Websites improve search engine optimization by improving content, making sure that the pages are able to be indexed correctly, and ensuring that the content is unique. Going through the search engine optimization process typically leads to more traffic for the site, as the site will appear more in search results for information that pertains to the site’s offering.
Search engine optimization can be classified into two basic areas: on-page and off-page optimization. On-page optimization refers to website elements that comprise a web page, such as HTML code, textual content, and images. Off-page optimization refers, predominantly, to backlinks, i.e. links pointing to the site which is being optimized, from other relevant websites.

There are two types of SEO :

White hat SEO : Utilises techniques and methods to improve the search engine rankings of a website that do not run afoul of search engine(mainly Google) guidelines.
Techniques : Some white hat search engine optimization tools techniques include : high quality content development website HTML optimization and restructuring, link acquisition campaigns supported by high quality content and manual research and outreach

Black Hat SEO : Exploits weaknesses in the search engine algorithms to obtain high rankings for a website.Such techniques and methods are in direct conflict with search engine guidelines. Techniques : Some black hat SEO techniques include : link spam, keyword stuffing, cloaking, hidden text, and hidden links.

The basics of optimization for the search engines :

A well realized optimization can increase the number and the relevance of the visitors of your website. There are several basic rules of the SEO that will guarantee your site a good positioning in search results. The basic pillars of a successful SEO are :

– Choice of Keywords
-Structure of the site optimized for search engines.
During the optimization of your website for search engines, it is necessary to avoid the fraudulent techniques: otherwise, your website can be blocked and no more appear in the results of search engines.

Techniques of SEO within your website : Your traffic and you positioning have to be in constant increase. The commitment of your users protect the visibility of your brand. The traffic has to result from search engines but also from outer sites such as the social networks. Using tools of analysis such as analytic googles is important for a better understanding of the results. The number of clicks and seen pages is important but not only. It is also necessary to take into account the commitment of the users, the number of conversion and recipe. Taking into account the keywords and trying optimising it without exaggeration, does not necessarily have to become annoying in reading.

Search engine optimization techniques without your website : Build links internally, add manually sites on directories, participate in the programs of exchanges of links, but especially blogging on quality sites. This last practice will have a much more important impact. Use tricks current such as tags to put forward your keywords and communicate on the social networks. Do not be satisfied only with publishing your contents, as the key is to make your communities live.

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