Prof Dr. Hance, Managing partner of Hance Law has contributed to the success of the seminar organised by Sacred Heart University (Luxembourg campus) organised on the topic of “Blockchain & Crypto Currencies: A Sustainable (R)evolution
Almost twenty years after publishing ‘The New Virtual Money: Law and Practice” (Kluwer, Boston, 1999), Olivier has delivered a speech offering to the audience the main conclusions of his next book to come on the legal issues of the blockchain, the cryptos and the ICOs.
Olivier covered topics such as:
  • What are the legal issues raised by the blockchain?
  • Could a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO) have a legal personality, contract and be liable?
  • What are the smart contracts and under which conditions are they legal contracts?
  • What are the regulation governing in Luxembourg and in other jurisdictions the issuance of cryptos and the provision of fiat/crypto exchange
  • What are the legal and regulatory aspects of an Initial Coin Offering?
  • Where should you launch your ICO: Luxembourg, Switzerland, Lichtenstein, Malta or Gibraltar?
  • What are the main seven contractual documents to draft before launching your ICO and selling your coins
Considering the huge success of this seminar, Dr. Hance shall be given more seminars for executives in this field in the coming months and that a set of 7 or videos shall be shot very soon and uploaded on Hance Law TV, our official YouTube channel.